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Cocktail Currency is about the relationship between liquor cost, pricing and cocktail profitability. The book breaks down Bar Math into simple Cost Per Ounce, Portion Cost, Cost Percentage, Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margins beverage formulas.

Beverage Formula simplicity is the foundation for developing a profound understanding of Bar Math. Cocktail Currency is your foundation for increasing cocktail profitability. 

Cocktail Currency details an 8 step 9 tier pricing approach to cocktail profitability developed by Preston Rideout for his Restaurant, Nightclub and Bar Clients. His methodical approach to Bar Math is the beginning to understanding the liquor cost, pricing and cocktail profitability relationship. 

Additional chapters dive into Serving Size Effects on Portion Cost, Cocktail Recipe Codification, The Keys to Consistent Profitability, Cocktail Recipe Deviation Rates, Fluctuating Cocktail Production Cost Caused by Deviation Rates, Average Loss Expectancy, Cost Reduction Techniques, Annualized Profit Destruction Caused by Over Pouring and the importance of Bartender Pour Testing. Buy Cocktail Currency now or Contact Preston Rideout to discuss bar consulting.